How to Root Xiaomi Mi 6X

This article shows you exactly the essential steps to gain root access on Xiaomi Mi 6X, a device with the codename Wayne. This tutorial has been proved to work just fine on the device running latest MIUI 9 China Stable ROM (v9.5). However, it should also work on the latest MIUI 10 as long as the custom recovery is still compatible. Of course, custom ROM like is also supported.

Please be aware that the guide is provided as informational purpose. We hold no responsibility of what might happen with your device as a result of following this guide. There are still “good luck” and “bad luck” factors. Just make sure you read the whole article and understand all the steps before actually attempting to follow them. Proceed only once you have understood. Making a full backup of your device’s data and files is strongly recommended.

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There are few things you are gonna need:

  1. A Xiaomi Mi 6X device (Codename Wayne).
  2. A compatible USB data cable. Make sure it is the USB data cable and not USB charging-only cable;
  3. A Windows-based laptop / PC. We strongly suggest you use Windows 8/8.1/10with 64-bit system;
  4. Your phone should have enough juice. Just make sure it has at least 65% battery power remaining;
  5. Download Minimal ADB & Fastboot Driver;
  6. Download TWRP for Mi 6X Wayne;
  7. Download the latest version of DM-Verity Encryption disabler tool;
  8. Download the latest version of Magisk root here.
  9. A spare time of your life which is not more than 30 minutes.

Steps to Root

Step 1 – Unlock your phone bootloader. This is a must. Without bootloader being unlocked, flashing recovery and custom binaries will be failed. Read our step-by-step guide on unlocking MIUI bootloader here.

Step 2 – Now install TWRP Recovery on your phone. We have gathered all the required steps on flashing TWRP on Mi 6X here. Head to the article and follow the suggested steps.

Step 3 – Now copy the Magisk’s .zip file and DM Verity Disabler .zip file into your phone’s internal storage. Alternatively, you may download it directly from your phone’s browser app.

Step 4 – Once you have replaced the stock recovery with TWRP on step 2 above, now boot into recovery mode. Turn off your phone completely followed by pressing and holding the Power and Volume Up button simultaneously.

Step 5 – Now choose “Install” from the TWRP main menu.

Step 6 – Now browse or locate the Magisk .zip file you have copied earlier. tap on it to select it.

Step 7 – Finally, do that “Swipe to confirm flash” action. Once swiped, TWRP will do its job flashing Magisk onto your phone.

Step 8 – Once done, go back to the main menu and select “Install” again.

Step 9 – Browse and locate the DM-verity / OPT Encrypt / Lazy flasher disabler .zip file.

Step 10 – Flash it like before by doing that “Swipe to confirm flash” again.

Step 11 – Lastly, hit that “Reboot” button. Your device will then reboot into normal mode. This time you shall see a new app’s icon called “Magisk Manager” will be displayed.

That’s all. Your phone is now fully rooted systemless-ly using Magisk. You may explore it further since the app has many features including Magisk Hide and Modules. Enjoy…

Do not hesitate to leave a comment down below if you found any problem or if you have managed to do it successfully.

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