How to Fix MIUI Bootloader Unlocking Stuck

This is a working workaround and alternative to fix bootloader unlocking process getting stuck or getting finished unsuccessfully. MIUI bootloader is something that Xiaomi Developers team put it in all of recent Xiaomi phones as security precaution. This will prevent unintended users to have access on your lost or stolen device. However, this also prevents you to easily flash custom recovery in which eventually prevents you to gain root and flash custom Android ROM.

Boot loader unlocking might seem a simple task to do. In fact, it is more than just requesting for permission and use it to unlock the bootloader. We have posted a comprehensive article on how to properly unlock MIUI bootloader. Nevertheless, there is still a chance for you to end up failing or to get stuck when the unlocking process takes place.

One of common source of this error is Kedacom USB driver problem. This error is reported to happen frequently on those using Windows 10 computer. Eventually, the computer cannot properly recognize the device. There two methods you can try if you face such situation.

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p.s: Please do not try this unless you have read our previous guide about unlocking bootloader.

Driver Rollback

The first solution is simply rolling back the installed driver (reinstall). You may firstly try this one before going to the second method. Follow these steps to do it:

Step 1 – Turn off your phone completely and boot into fastboot mode by pressing down the Volume Down and Power buttons. You will then see the familiar Mi bunny Fastboot image.

Step 2 – Next, connect your phone to your computer using a USB data cable.

Step 3 – In your computer, launch up Device Manager and search for Kedacom USB Device. Next, double click on the Android Bootloader Interface and then click Uninstall. Do not forget to tick Delete Driver Software for this device then click OK.

Step 4 – Now disconnect and then reconnect your phone (do this while your phone state is still in fastboot mode)

Step 5 – In this stage, you will see that driver is reinstalling and show Android Device as Android Bootloader Interface.

Step 6 – Once the driver has finished updating, it will then revert back to Kedacom. However, the Kedacom driver won’t allow you to unlock or perform any kind of fastboot commands.

Step 7 – Therefore, you will need additional steps to solve this. Now double click on Android Bootloader Interface under Kedacom again.

Step 8 – Under [Driver] tab, click Roll Back Driver. Finally press the OK button.

That’s it. You can now head towards Mi Unlock Tool again and you should be able to unlock.

Not getting any luck? Try the second method below:

Alternative Workaround

Step 1 – In your computer, open Mi Unlock tool and login with your approved account.

Step 2 – Once you logged in, minimize the Mi Unlock tool.

Step 3 – At this point (once you logged in), now you have to disconnect your internet connection. By this means turning off your Wifi or unplug the LAN cable.

Step 4 – Grab your phone and turn it off completely.Next, reboot the phone into fastboot mode by holding the Volume Down and Power button until the familiar Mi bunny image appears.

Step 5 – Now connect your device into the computer using a USB cable.

Step 6 – In your computer, open Device Manager and search for Kedacom USB Device.

Step 7 – Next, double click on Android Bootloader Interface, then click Uninstall,.

Step 8 – Also tick the Delete Driver Software for this device then press the OK button.

Step 9 – Disconnect / unplug and then reconnect your phone again to your computer (make sure your phone state is still in fastboot mode).

Step 10 – At this point the Device manager will start blinking and an Android Phone will appear. Simply wait till the driver installation window disappear after you plugged your device.

Step 11 – You may reconnect you internet after the driver installing windows has gone.

Step 12 – Next, you may now launch up the Mi Unlock Tool and wait till the tool detect your device.

Step 13 – Once it’s shown then tap on Unlock.

That’s all. We hope one of above method can help you solving bottloader unlocking stuck. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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