How to Enter EDL Test Point Mode of Redmi Note 4X

This article shows you the way to bring Redmi Note 4X into Test Point mode which is formerly known as Emergency Download (EDL) mode. Despite it is an advanced method, some users still prefer to use this technique to by-pass the need of officially unlocked bootloader. There might be a situation when your device got bricked or in bootloop state, but the bootloader has not been unlocked yet. Hence, this situation will force you to deliberately use Test Point method. It would be impossible to unlock the boot loader since the device is bricked or is bootlooped.

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Unluckily, Xiaomi developers have removed EDL mode functionality since MIUI 7.x on most recent devices. However, there will be always MIUI fans who try their best effort to find a workaround and come with solution. Thanks to feds64 who has managed to get into test point mode on Redmi Note 4X. He teared down his device and look into several parts to figure out the right technique of bringing the phone into EDL mode. However, this method is risky since it requires opening the case. Therefore, this method is not recommended for novice users.


  1. A RedNot4X device.
  2. Anti-static angle tweezer.
  3. Plastic Crowbar.
  4. Plastic Prying Tools.
  5. Plastic Antistatic Crowbar.
  6. 1.5 screw driver.
  7. A really brave, brave heart.
  8. A USB data cable.
  9. A Windows-based PC/laptop. Use a 64-bit system if you can.
  10. Download latest Mi Flash tool.
  11. Download Qualcomm USB QDLoade driver (for just-in-case scenario).
  12. Download MIUI Fastboot ROM (.tgz) file (Optional. Only if you want to flash MIUI).


  • For advanced users only.
  • Please make backups if your device is still normal (not bricked or bootloop).
  • This method requires you to disassemble your phone. It is very recommended to take pictures of what you disassembling each time as you go. That way you won’t be lost when you re-assemble the phone’s parts again.
  • Always proceed with caution. Do not to touch any of the contacts on the speaker or the cable. Oils and water can damage them and interrupt the connection. Therefore, an anti-static band and tools will come in handy.
  • Proceed responsibly! We hold no responsibility of any risk of damage. Please firstly read the article thoroughly before then implementing the steps. Make sure that you understand of what you are about to do.

The Steps

ps: Click on each image to see its larger version.

Step 1 – Disable Windows Driver Enforcement mechanism. You can either follow this tutorial or use this tool.

Step 2 – Now in your computer, extract the Mi Flash tool .zip file. Install the software by double-clicking on the MiSetup .exe file. Installing this tool will automatically install all necessary drivers. It is needed for your computer to be able to recognize your phone.

Step 3 – Next, grab your RedNote4X on hand. Make sure your phone is completely off (or you may need to switch it off).

Step 4 – Do not forget to firstly remove the Hybrid SIM tray with the ejector pin.

Step 5 – Use the required tools that you have been prepared to disassemble your phone. You will need to open its back cover which is made from the a CNC aluminium body.

The tips by feds64 on how to open Redmi Note 4X back cover:

Use the plastic prying tool, kind of run it thru the slit around the phone, until it slowly giving more space to allow your fingernail to pry it open. There not much to worry as the fingerprint mechanism, no longer built to the back cover connected by a ribbon cable which need extra care as in the Redmi Note 3 or alike.

It should now look similar to this:

Step 6 – Next, release the battery connector.

Step 7 – Grab the USB data cable and connect it to your phone but DO NOT connect the other end of the cable to your computer just yet.

Step 8 – Now use a sharp pointed Angle Tweezer and short the points as below:

Step 9 – While keeping the Test Points short properly, quickly plug in your USD data Cable into your computer. Windows will then notify you of a new device being connected and it will download the necessary driver for the Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 under the Ports (COM & LPT) on the Device Manager. In this case you should have no problem since you have installed Mi Flash Tool. Otherwise, you may need to download the driver manually (the link is provided above).

Step 10 – At this point you can then remove the angle tweezer.

That’s all. Your phone is now in Test Point or EDL mode at this stage in which you can then continue to proceed whatever you are going to do. Generally, many users want to fix their bricked phone by reinstalling / flashing MIUI ROM again. Thus, it will fix a bricked Xiaomi device. If the case is the same with you, simply follow additional (optional) steps below:

Flashing MIUI ROM

Step 11 – Now open up Mi Flash tool that you have installed earlier. The tool should recognize your device.

Step 12 – Extract the MIUI fastboot ROM (.tgz file) you have downloaded. Make sure the name of the folder of where you extracted the file has no space in its name (Example: D:\ROM\ and not D:\MIUI ROM).

Step 13 – Click on [Select] and browse for the location of where you have extracted the ROM files.

Step 14 – Also make sure the “Clean All” option is checked.

Step 15 – Finally, hit the [Flash] button to start installing the MIUI ROM you wish.

Step 16 – Sit tight and wait for the tool to do its job. You will see the “Success” message being displayed once it is done.

Congratulation, your phone is now fixed. Re-flashing MIUI Fastboot ROM is basically the easiest way to fix a bricked Xiaomi phone. However, since not all users have obtained bootloader unlock permission, the Test Point / EDL mode is employed to achieve this objective.

All credits and thanks belong to Feds64. Do not hesitate to drop a comment below and share your experience on how was it going with your device.

One more thing, Test point mode will also come in handy (if done right) for those who want to gain root access. Just make sure you knew how to flash TWRP and SuperSU.

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