iOS 11 Alakadarnya Theme for MIUI 9 and MIUI 8

Do you need a variation of your current MIUI phone look and feel? Use a theme! One of the most favorite themes to be installed on a Xiaomi device is the iOS theme. Previously, we have also posted some of globally available iOS MIUI themes and it gets very popular. Despite the fact that iPhone X is currently very popular, there are still many people that use both iPhone and an Android device. Xiaomi is one of the popular Android phones next after Samsung.

Here on this page, you can download iPhone iOS 11 themes for any Xiaomi devices running either MIUI 8 or MIUI 9. The theme is free and full version. Simply grab the .mtz file on your phone and install it via Themes app. For those running MIUI 9.5 or newer, use Mirape to import the theme. Read our full guide on how to use MiRape here.

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Key Features

  • iOS 11 User Interface (UI) Looks and Feels
  • iOS 11 Icons
  • Fixed bar Battery not Sync with Percentage
  • A checkbox on/off now moved to left
  • Included Font, SF pro + support Unicode
  • No Mi wallpaper (to save Battery)
  • Custom Mod
  • Recolor, redesign, simple and real ios 11.
  • Hides settings label without removing secondary settings label (miui9)
  • Included Xperia keyboard Skin iOS With Modul App (If you use this theme and use the Xperia keyboard then you can activate the Xperia keyboard settings and select skin light)
  • and more



iOS 11 UI Theme for MIUI 9

File name :
Version 11.2.1 | 39382 downloads | Size: 16 MB

iOS 11 UI Theme for MIUI 8

File name :
Version 11.2.1 | 10203 downloads | Size: 16 MB

Optional: Xperia Keyboard App

File name :
Version 9.2 | 2627 downloads | Size: 14 MB

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