Redmi Note 5: All MIUI Stock ROMs and Custom ROMs

This page has a complete collection of MIUI ROMs, both Fastboot (.tgz) and Recovery (.zip), for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global/China/Pro codename Whyred. The files are available via direct hot links that support resume-able and multiple connections compatible for Download Manager software like IDM. All listed files here are original, untouched, and unmodified by us. We simply provide for your convenience. We still manage to regularly update this page once the new version has been rolled out. Hence, make sure you bookmark this page for future reference.

To help you choose the right ROM files below, we have compiled some nice information about basic tips to distinguish which device is yours. There are 4 (four) variants of Redmi Note 5 available in the Market namely: Redmi Note 5 India, Redmi Note 5 Pro and Redmi Note 5 China/Global. All of these files down below are not intended for Redmi Note 5 India (RN5I). The RN5I device is basically the Indian release of Redmi 5 Plus global version. Both have the same device codename which is “Vince“. Again, do not download and do not use the below files if your device is Vince.

Read also: How to root Redmi Note 5 Global/China/Pro.

Nevertheless the differences on each specification, the other three devices have the same device codename which is “Whyred“. Hence, if your device is either one of these: Redmi Note 5 Pro (RN5Pro), Global (RN5G), or China (RN5C), the below files are for you.

Next, let’s find out the differences about MIUI ROM.


As for your information, Xiaomi generally rolls out two builds of its ROM: the Fastboot ROM and the Recovery ROM. Fastboot ROM is released with the .tgz extension while Recovery ROM is released with the .zip extension. Both builds can be used to do a clean install on your MIUI device but Fastboot ROM is the one if you need to totally reinstall your phone’s Android OS. It is also useful when your phone is bricked or in the bootloop state.

Q: Could the developer version “upgrade” to the stable version?

The answer is yes. But you can’t use the OTA method to update, and can only flash the full ROM. As the developer version is actually advanced than stable version, there will be data conflict between the two versions. Therefore, please wipe all user data in Recovery mode before flashing the ROM.

Q: Are there any notes I need to take before upgrading to MIUI 9 global stable version?

It’s highly recommended to back up user data before updating. OTA update is a safe procedure since it is not necessary to back up data. But if you update using full ROM, it’s better to back up all of your data to a computer. Please don’t update across MIUI versions (experimental / developer / stable). If you really need to update across MIUI versions, make sure to wipe all user data in Recovery mode before updating.

Q: How to upgrade my phone to latest MIUI version?

If you’re using MIUI V5/MIUI 6/MIUI 7/MIUI 8/MIUI 9/MIUI 10 global stable version on your device, you can update directly on your device via OTA, or flash the full ROMs in recovery or using Mi PC Suite. If you’re using MIUI China Developer/Beta or China Stable version or Global Developer/Beta version, and you want to switch into Global Stable ROM (or vice-versa), then you can flash the full ROM in the Recovery mode only after wiping all user data. Alternatively, flashing through Fastboot mode is recommended and you will need to unlock the bootloader.

Q: How to install MIUI Recovery ROM?

You can use either Mi Stock Recovery or Mi Updater app to flash the file and upgrade your device. Please read our previous tutorial to find out the detailed steps on how to flash MIUI Recovery ROM on a Xiaomi phone.

Q: How to install MIUI Fastboot ROM?

You can use Mi Flash tool to flash the file and upgrade your device. Please read our previous tutorial to find out the detailed steps on how to flash MIUI Fastboot ROM on a Xiaomi phone. Alternatively, this method may also work.

Understanding The ROM Codes

All Whyred devices (RN5Pro, RN5G, or RN5C) have either NEI or OEI prefix in the Global Stable ROM code. Example: OEIMIFA or NEIMIEK. The codes have a meaning and it is not created randomly. The first letter (N or O) represent the Android codename for which the ROM was built from. The 2nd and 3rd letters are the code for device variants. The 4th and 5th letters represent the type of the build: either Global or China. Lastly, the 6th and 7th are the unique code. Here’s how you can have a nice overview of what the code means:

N= Nougat
EG= Redmi Note 5 India Version
MI= Global build
FA= Code for the update

EI= Redmi Note 5 Pro/China/Global
MI=Global build
FA=Code for the update

Rule of thumb:

Use this rule of thumb to avoid downloading a wrong ROM for your device.

If you want to download a Recovery ROM, make sure part of its file name has one of following words: WHYREDGlobal, HMNote5, or HMNote5HMNote5ProGlobal.

Fastboot ROM should have “Whyred” as part of its file name.

Warning for MIUI 10 users: Xiaomi has implemented Anti-rollback Protection since MIUI 10. There is a slight workaround to flash a custom recovery (and hence a custom ROM). What is this? Why should I concern? Please read our detailed information on MIUI Anti-rollback mechanism here.

Basic rules for the Whyred device:

  • If your device is on the MIUI Stable ROM v9.5.19 or above, you can flash any version of Stable ROMs after v9.5.19 (including v9.5.19 itself and MIUI 10). However, you cannot flash an older version of Stable ROM (such as v9.5.17 or older).
  • If your device is on the MIUI Stable ROM v9.5.17 or older, you can flash your device using any version of MIUI ROMs; either newer (to upgrade) or older (to downgrade).


The list in order:

  1. Newest to oldest;
  2. Global then China, and then..
  3. Recovery (zip) then Fastboot (tgz).

MIUI Recovery ROM

Global Stable build:

File name :
Version | 515 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 217 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 100 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version | 58 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version | 420 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version | 235 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version | 220 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 82 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 154 downloads | Size: 2 GB

China Stable build:

File name :
Version | 204 downloads | Size: 2 GB

MIUI Fastboot ROM

Global Stable build:

File name :
Version | 439 downloads | Size: 3 GB
File name :
Version | 130 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 58 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 553 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Mirror link of v9.5.13.0.OEIMIFA hosted on

File name :
Version | 395 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 175 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 125 downloads | Size: 2 GB
File name :
Version | 284 downloads | Size: 2 GB

China Stable build:

File name :
Version | 516 downloads | Size: 2 GB

Do you need a Global Beta / Developer version of MIUI 10 for RN5 Pro/Global/China? The file is available here.

Custom ROMs

In a nutshell, an Android ROM is an operating system build that runs on your device with basic applications such as an address book, calendar, camera, etc. It’s just like MIUI. When it comes to “Custom ROM”, it is a term generally meant for not the official OEM-version of ROM. Usually, it is developed by Android geeks out there whether individuals or as a developers team.

Q: What are needed to install a custom ROM?

The first thing you will need is, of course, a phone with bootloader unlocked. You can apply for the official permission to unlock the bootloader from the Xiaomi website. We have wrapped up all the necessary steps on how to unlock a Xiaomi phone bootloader here. The second thing you need is custom recovery. You can use either the official TWRP Recovery or Red Wolf Recover (RWRP). This interface is needed to flash the ROM package on your phone. The last thing you will need is Google Apps (GApps). Most of the custom ROMs do not come with gapps pre-installed. In this case, you can simply use OpenGapps and flash it through TWRP as well.

Check out this link: Download and install TWRP on Redmi Note 5.

List of available custom ROMs for the Whyred device:

AOSPExtended ROM (AEX): Download (zip).

Mokee Open Source Project v81.0: Download (zip).

LineageOS v15.1 Treble: Download (zip).

(more ROMs in the list are upcoming….)

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