Mi A1: All Android One ROMs and Custom ROMs

We have collected all available direct download links to grab stock Android One ROM for Xiaomi Mi A1. All links to the official stock ROM are original, untouched, and unmodified since they are hosted on Xiaomi’s cloud servers. However, if for some reasons you cannot download the file from its original location, feel free to drop a comment requesting a mirror. We will be happy to provide your with mirror links whenever asked.

We also add some of the available custom ROMs compatible with the device either with Project Treble supported or not. Custom ROMs are good for some people since it might offer better stability, awesome features, and a smoother experience. Nevertheless, it might be not so useful for other users. Therefore, please be wise when switching from stock Android One to another ROM.

Check also: How to Unlock Mi A1 Bootloader.

Mi A1 is the first Xiaomi’s device released running Android One operating system which is claimed as the purest form of an Android mobile OS. However, there’s also some other “vanilla” Android OS that offers a pure version of the OS. The biggest advantage of using Android One compared to both MIUI ROM and Custom ROM is its direct support from Google. Yeah, that Google, the one creating, making, developing, and maintaining Android OS.

That being said, its users can enjoy regular updates with latest security patches. It is surely the biggest advantage especially for those who concern about their device security the most.

Download Links

The files are listed in lastest-to-oldest order. The one you see at top of the list is the newest one. Well, at least the newest one that we could find. We will update the list every time we find a new update becomes available. Feel free to bookmark this page on your browser.

Additionally, these files are Fastboot ROM which needs Mi Flash tool to install. Having the .tgz extension, these Android One Fastboot ROMs are not flash-able through TWRP recovery.

How to install the Android One Fastboot ROM on Mi A1? Read the tutorial here.

Grab them below:

Based on Android 8.0 Oreo

File name :
Version | 909 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version | 147 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version | 48 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version | 61 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version | 47 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version 8.1.10 | 108 downloads | Size: 1 GB

Based on Android 7.1 Nougat

All files below are still based on Android N. Xiaomi has released the Oreo version of the ROM since v7.12.29 which the file is not available here. For those who want to have a safe upgrade experience, you can flash v7.12.19 (Android N) first. Next, you will get update notification to 7.12.29 (Android O).

File name :
Version 7.12.19 | 107 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version 7.12.7 | 38 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version 7.11.18 | 24 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version 7.10.30 | 30 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version 7.10.14 | 40 downloads | Size: 1 GB
File name :
Version 7.9.21 | 76 downloads | Size: 1 GB

Warning: The above files are for Mi A1 (codename Tissot) and not for its sibling, the Mi 5X (codename Tiffany).

Custom ROMs

In a nutshell, an Android ROM is an operating system build that runs on your device with basic applications such as an address book, calendar, camera, etc. It’s just like MIUI. When it comes to “Custom ROM”, it is a term generally meant for not the official OEM-version of ROM. Usually, it is developed by Android geeks out there whether individuals or as a developers team.

Q: What is needed to install a custom ROM?

The first thing you will need is, of course, a phone with bootloader unlocked. You can apply for the official permission to unlock the bootloader from the Xiaomi website. We have wrapped up all the necessary steps on how to unlock a Mi A1 bootloader here. The second thing you need is custom recovery. You can use either the official TWRP Recovery or Red Wolf Recover (RWRP). This interface is needed to flash the ROM package on your phone. The last thing you will need is Google Apps (GApps). Most of the custom ROMs do not come with gapps pre-installed. In this case, you can simply use OpenGapps and flash it through TWRP as well.

List of available custom ROMs for Tissot device:

LineageOS v15.1 Android 8.1 Oreo (Project Treble) – DownloadMore Info

Resurrection Remix v6.1.0 – Download: Treble or Non-TrebleMore Info

AOSPExtended (AEX ROM) – DownloadMore info

(more ROMs in the list are upcoming….)

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