Yi Home Camera v2.10.2.3 China Version

This is a necessary app for not only Chinese but also those who live in outside China but want be able to use Yi Home Camera CN version. The Xiaomi Yi IP camera is released in two variants: International version and China (CN) version. Using the CN version in any other country whether in North America or in South East Asia will make it very difficult to pair the app with the camera. Using its CN version of the app is one of available workarounds. The app itself is mostly in Chinese but several parts of it have been translated in English. Overall it is still easy to understand by international users.

It will be very hard to pair Yi IP camera to the app installed on an Android phone / tablet due to app incompatibility. Many users who don’t understand will download Yi Home app from Google Play Store which is basically the International version whereas the Xiaomi Yi Ant cam owned is CN edition.

Yes, it is cheaper to buy its CN version compared to the International one but it may need little effort to pair the camera with the app. Therefore, if by any chance you have bought the Yi cctv camera but having trouble pairing it with your smartphone, then simply download and install this app. Do not forget to firstly reset your camera.

About Xiaomi Yi Camera

Xiaomi Yi or aka Yi Ant is shortly a wireless CCTV camera featuring many cool things out of the box. Equipped with all-glass lens capable to record 20fps (1280 × 720) video, the Yi IP camera can connect to many internet protocols including IPV4, UDP, TCP, HTTP, RTP / RTSP, DHCP, and P2P. It means you can easily monitor any places remotely.


The international version of this app is available in Play Store while its Chinese version is available in Mi Store. Alternatively, here’s the direct link to grab it.

File name :
Version | 10256 downloads | Size: 22 MB

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