TWRP v3 Installer for Redmi Note 5A Prime (Ugg)

Team Win Recovery Project is known for its widely-used custom Android recovery tool: TWRP Recovery. Among many MIUI fans, TWRP is also the most popular custom recovery to replace MIUI stock one. Developed to be very device specific, users need to download appropriate package according to what type of device they have.

Here in this page you can grab TWRP installer, a Windows-based tool to easily flash TWRP on your Android phone. The tool saves its users from typing specific command lines which are hard to remember, especially for novice users. Instead, the tool allows you to simply hit a button on your keyboard and let the tool do its job. That’s it.


Created by Sepneela, the package contains all basic files to flash TWRP. That includes the recovery flash-able image and basic ADB / Fastboot files.

Grab the file from the link below and use it to flash the custom recovery onto your Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Prime.

File name :
Version 3.x.x | 1507 downloads | Size: 25 MB

Using the tool is basically easy since it is designed to be that way. Nevertheless, you may also need following things prior and upon flashing:

Lastly, this custom recovery is only for Ugg (RN5A Prime) and is NOT for Ugglite (RN5A). Therefore, make sure you have corresponding device. Enjoy.

Ugglite users (RN5A) please use this TWRP Installer for Redmi Note 5A.

Tutorial: How to flash TWRP on Redmi Note 5A Prime (and root).

Credits and thanks: Sepneela and TWRP Dev team.

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