Red Wolf TWRP for Redmi 5 Plus (Vince)

Download the Red Wolf Recovery Project (RWRP) for Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (codename Vince) from a direct download link below. The link supports resume-able and multiple connections. The file is stored and mirrored in our servers is US and EU. The link will be generated randomly.

Redwolf Recovery is the modified version of TWRP and it features many improvements. Mostly some necessary abilities which are not approved to be included within the official TWRP itself. Some other users mention this modded version as ZCX TWRP. Well, basically it is similar.

From their own words:

Red Wolf Recovery is custom recovery based on TWRP source code however some things are working here slightly different then you might expect. The main objective of this project is to provide stable recovery with features which you have never seen before in a recovery and which have not been accepted for adding to the official source code of TWRP. This recovery is also the first recovery on the world with password protection.

Some of its key featured include the ability to survive OTA update mechanism which comes very handy for most users. It means everytime OTA package is pushed, users can simply download and flash it without having to download the full Gigabyte package of either Recovery or Fastboot ROM.

Another useful feature of RWRP is the built-in lazy flasher or DM-Verity disabler tweak. This package is necessary to avoid bootloop after flashing a custom recovery. Generally, you have to download this package and flash it manually if you use the official TWRP.

Key Features

  1. Flashlight
  2. Password protection
  3. MIUI Incremental OTA Support
  4. Built-in latest Magisk, SuperSU & AromaFM
  5. Support two screenshots GUI actions Power+VolDown to save the screenshot to the internal storage & Power+VolUp to save the screenshot into the external storage (This will be automatically saved into the internal in case that external storage doesn’t exist).
  6. Support automatic reboot after the restore process
  7. Recovery can automatically modify some props in the ROM directly during the installation
  8. Some built-in scripts from community
  9. Tap to wake support
  10. Advanced deactivation of the stock recovery
  11. Automatic deactivation of the dm-verity & forced encryption directly during the installation of the ROM
  12. Recovery can notify you about the completed backup/restore/installation using the notification diode & vibration.
  13. Support “set on boot” settings.


The flash-able RWRP image file (.img) is compressed in a zip file. You have to first extract the package.

File name :
Version 3.2_026 | 1165 downloads | Size: 40 MB
  • Based on TWRP version: 3.2.1
  • For devices: Vince
  • Authors: yshalsager.
  • Developers: @ATG Droid & @Dadi11

Original Link:

How to install?

  1. Unlock your phone bootloader.
  2. Download the package to your computer and extract it. You will have a .img file.
  3. Rename that image file into recovery.img (just to make it easy when flashing).
  4. Download either ADB & Fastboot Files or Mi Flash tool.
  5. Disable Windows Driver Signature Enforcement.
  6. Install the ADB Fastboot Drivers or Mi Flash tool (Skip this if you have either one installed).
  7. Go to the folder of where you have the recovery.img file and launch Command Prompt from there (Hold Shift and right-click on any empty area in Windows Explorer then choose “Open Command Prompt / PowerShell from here“).
  8. Turn off your phone completely and reboot into fastboot mode by pressing Power button and Volume Down (-) button simultaneously until you see the Fastboot logo.
  9. Connect your phone to your computer using its USB data cable.
  10. Type this command and hit Enter: “fastboot devices“.
  11. Also this command after that: “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img“.
  12. Finally, reboot with this command “fastboot reboot“.
  13. That’s it. Now you can disconnect your phone from your PC.

How to survive OTA update?

  1. Reboot into RWRP (Press Volume Up + Power buttons while the phone is turned off)
  2. Now click on the “Advanced” and then on “Special Actions”.
  3. Here enable these checkboxes: Support MIUI Incremental OTA” and “Include System in OTA Survival“.
  4. Now clean/dirty flash some full MIUI ROM and flash whatever you want after that.
  5. Now reboot your device into the system.
  6. When you get some update just download it using updater app and let it automatically reboot into the RedWolf.
  7. Now everything is done. RedWolf will automatically install it and reboot back to the system.
  8. After that, you don’t have to flash full ROM anymore… Just always wait for the update from updater app and let it automatically reboot into the RedWolf.

Enjoy… Now you can flash either Magisk or SuperSu to gain root.

Caution! This RWRP is not for Redmi 5 (codename Rosy). It is only for Redmi 5 Plus (codename Vince MEG7, MEE7, MET7).

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