Play Store for Android 7.0 Nougat

This is a ready-to-use essential Google Apps package for Android 7.0 Nougat that requires no custom recovery. The package includes APK files of basic Gapps that you can simply install it directly on your phone. This is a really straight-forward Play Store app that many users prefer to use.

Some Android ROMs / firmware do not include Play Store and any other Google Apps by default. Therefore, the users have to manually install Google Services and Apps manually onto their phones. A number of advanced Android users usually choose to flash Open GApps package through TWRP custom recovery. Nevertheless, installing custom recovery itself can sometimes be so daunting and arduous making such task not suitable for novice users.

Alternatively, if done right, installing each of Gapps .apk file can be so easy. Moreover, it simply works flawlessly.

Below we listed all Google Apps APK files you can download to have Google Services and Play Store installed properly on your phone running any Android ROM based on Android Nougat. These have been tested on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 running MIUI We believe these APKs should also work on flawlessly on any Xiaomi devices running Android 7 Nougat.

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File name :
Version 10.2.91 | 5473 downloads | Size: 42 MB
File name :
Version 7.1.1-25 | 2014 downloads | Size: 6 MB
File name :
Version 7.0-24 | 2934 downloads | Size: 4 MB
File name :
Version 7.1.1-25 | 1386 downloads | Size: 1 MB
File name :
Version 7.1.25 | 3716 downloads | Size: 17 MB
File name :
Version 1.4.17-10417 | 1398 downloads | Size: 6 MB

How to install

Make sure you have enabled “Installation from Unknown Sources” option on your phone. Now simply download all .apk files above and install it one by one in correct order. The sequence is just like what you see in the file name. The installation should be in correct order or otherwise Play Store will not work properly. Moreover, it is strongly recommended for you to not opening each app once installed (if asked to). Simply wait till all the APKs have been installed and then start the Play Store app.

You may also need to grant to Google Play Services and Google Services Framework. Simply navigate to Settings >> Installed Apps >> grant necessary permissions to both services.

Now you can try launching up the Play Store app for the very first time. Enjoy!!

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