Magisk v9: A Universal Systemless Interface

In this page you will find direct download links to all package of Magisk v9 installer, uninstaller, Magisk manager app, as well as phh’s Superuser – the most useful root package for Magisk! Released by a cool developer called “topjohwu,” Magisk is basically a systemless interface to enable developers (and geek Android users) to build custom Mods for Android devices without actually altering the system files. Shortly, while rooting and installing custom Mods on an Android device have a risk to make OTA update to not working properly, Magisk v9 will completely change the game.

The app is developed due to the fact that Android OS is getting more and more secured with each new release. Hence, finding new path to gain root access is also getting harder.

How does it work? Systemless root on an Android device allows SELinux to run securely under enforcing mode. In other words, systemless root does not make any odification to the system files which therefore it allows installation of OTA updates without problems. Sounds cool already? On top of that, this tweak also make Android Pay, Pokemon Go, and Xposed Framework over rooted device possible since Magisk can bypass the SafetyNet API software validation. That what a cool thing is.

Key Features


Magisk v9
- [API Change] Remove the interface for post-fs modules
- [resetprop] New tool "resetprop" is added to Magisk to replace most post-fs modules' functionality
- [resetprop] Magisk will now patch "ro.boot.verifiedbootstate", "ro.boot.flash.locked", "ro.boot.veritymode" to bypass Safety Net
- [Magic Mount] Move dummy skeleton / mirror / mountinfo filesystem tree to tmpfs
- [Magic Mount] Rewritten dummy cloning mechanism from scratch, will result in minimal bind mounts, minimal file traversal, eliminate all possible issues that might happen in extreme cases
- [Magic Mount] Adding new items to /systen/bin, /system/vendor, /system/lib(64) is properly supported (devices with seperate vendor partition is not supported yet)
- [Magisk Hide] Rewritten from scratch, now run in daemon mode, proper list monitoring, proper mount detection, and maybe more.....
- [Boot Image] Add support for Motorola boot image dtb, it shall now unpack correctly
- [Uninstaller] Add removal of SuperSU custom patch script

Magisk v8
- Add Magisk Hide to bypass SafetyNet
- Improve SuperSU integration: no longer changes the SuperSU PATH
- Support rc script entry points not located in init.rc


UPDATE: Magisk v14.0 and Magisk Manager v5.3.0.

File name :
Version 9 | 3949 downloads | Size: 4 MB
File name :
Version 2.5 | 2408 downloads | Size: 4 MB
File name :
Version 20161115 | 1658 downloads | Size: 336 KB
File name :
Version r22 | 2813 downloads | Size: 2 MB

You may need custom recovery (TWRP recommended) to flash these packages.

How to install? Read: A guide to systemless root a Xiaomi phone with Magisk.

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