Magisk v17.1: A Universal Systemless Interface

Do you want to gain root access on your Android device without having to tell the world that you have root? Magisk is the answer. Magisk is basically a systemless interface to enable developers (and geek Android users) to build custom Mods for Android devices without actually altering the system files. Shortly, while rooting and installing custom Mods on an Android device have a risk to make OTA update to not working properly, Magisk will completely change the game.

What does that mean for novice Android users? Magisk, in short, will allow newbie users to root their Android devices in a way that no other app will find out that the devices have been rooted. Hence, it allows the users to install apps like Pokemon Go, Netflix, Mobile Banking apps, and so on.

Systemless root on an Android device allows SELinux to run securely under the enforcing mode. In other words, systemless root does not make any modifications to the system files which therefore it allows installation of OTA updates without problems. Speaking in simpler terms, Magisk Manager app will help Android users to pass google Safetynet check. Several play store apps do not allow their users to run on rooted devices. Those apps follow the Safetynet check and allow the users if the Google’s SafetyNet API check is confirmed safe/clear.

Magisk Key Features

  • 100% fully open source and easy to build!
  • Standard Stuffs: Remove dm-verity, forceencrypt, unlock partitions blocks to support remount to rw.
  • Magic Mount: Allow you to do any system (vendor) modification without actually tampering the partitions.
  • Anything can be loaded with Magisk systemless-ly!
  • MagiskSU: Open Source Root Solution. Root your device with MagiskSU, based on phh’s Superuser, which is based on CM Superuser.
  • Magisk Hide: Hide Magisk from detection, mainly targeting Google’s SafetyNet.
  • Resetprop: Allow you to do any modifications to system props (build.prop), including read-only props. It is also used along with magiskhide for tricking various device states.
  • Magisk Manager: MagiskSU Root Management, Upgrade Magisk in-app, Manage, Upgrade, Download, Install Magisk Modules from the community driven online Magisk Module Repo.
  • Multiple Entry Points: Provide several entry points to developers, reliably pausing the boot process before everything is done. Include post-fs (cache) mode, which happens even earlier than data is mounted (used to replace Boot Animation etc.)


In this page, you can download all package of Magisk v17.1 (zip) installer and Magisk Manager v5.9.1 app (apk) which are available via direct download links. We have also shared the older version of Magisk just in case you need the old one.

Magisk Flash-able .zip file:

If you need a clean start, use the uninstaller to uninstall any version of the Magisk installation.

Magisk Manager v5.9.1 is included within the Magisk v17.1 flash-able zip file below:

File name :
Version 17.1 | 4769 downloads | Size: 4 MB

Changelog v17.1:

  • [General] Bring back install to an inactive slot for OTAs on A/B devices
  • [Script] Remove system based root in addon.d
  • [Script] Add proper addon.d-v2 for preserving Magisk on custom ROMs on A/B devices
  • [Script] Enable KEEPVERITY when the device is using system_root_image
  • [Script] Add hexpatch to remove Samsung defex in new Oreo kernels
  • [Daemon] Support non-ext4 filesystems for mirrors (system/vendor)
  • [MagiskSU] Make pts sockets always run in dev_pts secontext, providing all terminal emulator root shell the same power as adb shells [MagiskHide] Kill all processes with the same UID of the target to workaround OOS embryo optimization
  • [MagiskInit] Move all sepolicy patches pre-init to prevent Pixel 2 (XL) boot service breakdown

Magisk Manager v5.8.3 is included within the Magisk v16.7 flash-able zip file below:

File name :
Version 16.7 | 3062 downloads | Size: 4 MB

Changelog v16.7:

- [Scripts] Fix boot image patching errors on Android P (workaround the strengthened seccomp)
- [MagiskHide] Support hardlink based ns proc mnt (old kernel support)
- [Daemon] Fix permission of /dev/null after logcat commands, fix ADB on EMUI
- [Daemon] Log fatal errors only on debug builds
- [MagiskInit] Detect early mount partname from fstab in the device tree

Changelog v16.6 is here. Magisk Manager v5.8.0 is included within the flash-able zip file below:

File name :
Version 16.6 | 2370 downloads | Size: 4 MB

Mirror link of v16.6 on

Changelog v16.4 is here.

File name :
Version 16.4 (code: 1642) beta | 8856 downloads | Size: 4 MB

Since version 16.3, the Magisk Manager App (v5.6.4) is included/bundled within the main flash-able Magisk package. The app will be installed once Magisk is flashed through TWRP recovery.

File name :
Version 16.3 | 2820 downloads | Size: 5 MB
File name :
Version 16.0 | 3373 downloads | Size: 5 MB
File name :
Version 15.3 | 2760 downloads | Size: 6 MB
File name :
Version 14.0 | 2430 downloads | Size: 6 MB

Magisk Manager App .apk file:

File name :
Version 5.9.1 | 390 downloads | Size: 2 MB

Changelog v5.9.1:

- No more on boot notifications
- Support new mechanism for installing to inactive slot for OTAs on A/B devices
- Fix restore Magisk Manager settings on Android P
- Verify existing file checksums to prevent unnecessary re-downloads
- Update SNET extension to use new Google API, fix “Invalid Response” errors
- Move fingerprint settings to magisk database to prevent the settings to be easily removed
- Fingerprint settings are now guarded with fingerprint authentications before it can get changed
- Prevent any files to be downloaded to /sdcard/MagiskManager
File name :
Version 5.8.3 | 456 downloads | Size: 2 MB
File name :
Version 5.7.0 | 1377 downloads | Size: 2 MB
File name :
Version 5.6.3 | 664 downloads | Size: 2 MB
File name :
Version 5.5.5 | 950 downloads | Size: 2 MB
File name :
Version 5.3.0 | 1153 downloads | Size: 3 MB

Magisk Uninstaller:

Use this installer if you want to completely uninstall Magisk. Flash it through TWRP:

File name :
Version 20180113 | 1806 downloads | Size: 3 MB

Also read:

You may need a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM (TWRP recommended) to flash these packages.

Looking for Treble-compatible Magisk?

There is a special modded version of Magisk which is fully compatible to root Treble-enabled devices. Custom ROM, like LineageOS v15.1, may also require this modified version of the package. We have posted a special page about Magisk with Vendor partition compatibility on Project Treble devices. Read more and download it from this page.

Credits and thanks to topjohnwu, the awesome Magisk developer.

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